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Vegas: Get Some Bang for your Buck

Las Vegas: Where else can you stroll down a neon paradise with a four-foot daiquiri at three in the morning? Where else can you see musicians, magicians, and mobsters in the same day? As much fun as you can have downtown, the Las Vegas locals know that some of the...

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Best Times for Fully Automatic Adventures

Las Vegas is full of gun ranges, but only a few offer a fully automatic experience that give you weapons found in games and action movies. If you want to live out the dream of being a modern warrior with military-grade equipment, then you have to try a Las Vegas fully...

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Three Tips for Range Safety

Firing guns at the range can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. This is a safe and controlled environment, which will allow you to use firearms to your heart's content. While it is a safe environment, there are several gun safety tips you should keep in...

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