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3 Tips for Shooting High-Powered Rifles

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3 Tips for Shooting High-Powered Rifles 2

If you’re going to an outdoor shooting range for the first time, you may not have experience firing high-powered rifles. Such rifles are not common at indoor shooting ranges. However, they are commonly used in outdoor ranges. These high-powered rifles usually feature scopes and bolt action mechanisms. They are often used for hunting, but they can also be used for shooting targets at the range. If you have no experience or only a little experience with these rifles, it is a good idea to read the tips in this article to prepare yourself.

Aim Carefully

With automatic or semiautomatic firearms, you can fire many shots in quick succession. This will allow you to hit your target even if you don’t aim painstakingly for every shot. However, this low firing rate of high-powered rifles means that you should aim carefully with every shot to make every shot count. You will be getting the most out of the experience because you will be able to utilize the extreme accuracy that is characteristic of high-powered rifles.

Squeeze the Trigger Slowly

Differences between high-powered rifles from automatic and semiautomatics is that you should squeeze the trigger slowly. You are firing single shots, so you need to make the first shot count. If you pull the trigger quickly like you can other firearms, this may throw off your shot. The firearms instructors at the range will no doubt be able to show you how to slowly and smoothly squeeze the trigger on a high-powered rifle. This will improve your accuracy immensely when you’re shooting this weapon.

Be Prepared for Recoil

This type of rifle usually has more recoil than automatics or semiautomatics. How much recoil that a gun has depends on the caliber and on the design of the weapon. A .50 caliber bolt-action rifle, for example, may have a significant amount of recoil. Prepare yourself for this recoil and follow the instructions of the professionals at the outdoor shooting ranges in Las Vegas. A more common high-powered rifle, such as a .30-06, will not have as much recoil. However, you may still be surprised by the amount of recoil if you do not properly prepare yourself for shooting a powerful rifle.

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