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A Fun Way to Learn About U.S. Military Weapons

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A Fun Way to Learn About U.S. Military Weapons 2

If you are a student of history, you’d be surprised what you can learn during a trip to the American Southwest. You can pick up some great lessons in U.S. and military history, and geography in Las Vegas. You can also choose a shooting adventure package that lets you learn and experience a bit of what soldiers do every day.

Barrett Sniper Rifle

The Barrett rifle is a .50 caliber semi-automatic weapon that’s used by U.S. Special Forces. This powerful rifle is known by many names including the M82, M107, and light fifty. It has the ability to engage a multitude of targets making it a preferred anti-material weapon as well as functioning as a highly effective sniper rifle. The Barrett is well-known for its ability to overcome body armor. It’s also useful for disabling entire communications arrays, IEDs, and engine blocks on military trucks while allowing personnel to remain at a safe distance away from the target. It’s also a weapon of choice for penetrating armored vehicles and targets located behind heavy walls.

Barrett Rifle Specs

For those who like the technical details, the Barrett rifle weighs in at right around 30.9 pounds. It has a barrel length of 29 inches and is 57 inches in total length. Ammunition for the Barrett is fed through a 10-round box magazine. It has a firing range of 1,850 meters and a muzzle velocity of 2,799 feet per second.

Experience the Barrett Near the Mojave Desert

You can get a feel for how U.S. Special Forces use the Barrett sniper rifle when you visit a Las Vegas fully automatic gun range during your next trip to the area. One of the top tourist attractions in Nevada including shooting tours in a military-style environment in the Mojave Desert. There’s more to Vegas than casinos and shows. Spend some time learning about military operations and experiencing the history and geography of some of the most famous attractions in the United States.

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