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A Look at the Gold Standards of Machine Guns

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A Look at the Gold Standards of Machine Guns 2

Modern warfare is now knee deep in machine guns that there are millions of them floating around in worldwide weapons markets. You can fire many of these weapons on a tour centered around machine guns in Las Vegas . Keeping reading to learn about the three gun models that have defined the history of warfare.


The AK-47, also known as the Kalashnikov, is the most widely used automatic rifle due to its ease of manufacturing and reliability. It is known to be able to shoot regardless of climate conditions, which is why even American soldiers picked them up from fallen soldiers to have a fighting chance.

The firing power of this gun is not as powerful as modern adaptations, but it is likely responsible for the most kills in most modern wars. Semi-automatic models are widely collected within the United States and are even used for hunting or self-defense purposes.

MG 42 from Germany

The MG 42 Machine gun was usually mounted on a tripod and allowed Germans to win many land skirmishes during World War 2. Not only were the rounds large and powerful, it had a long effective range of 1,100 yards. It had the fastest firing rate during the war and it was the easiest gun to control when mounted on a tripod. It was not known as Hitler’s Zipper for anything.

M134 Machine Gun

Also known as a “Minigun,” the M134 is a portable Gatling gun that can cut down trees with its extreme rapid fire. If you recall the Minigun scene from Terminator 2, you will recognize why this gun can be an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

It is a rotary machine gun with six barrels that fire one barrel at a time with rapid rotation. It is capable of firing up to 6,000 rounds per minute, making it the fastest machine gun in the warfare market. It is still used in the United States Military in various branches and special forces units.

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