Digging Adventure

Make all your childhood fantasies become a reality and operate your very own machine of destruction. 

Make all of your childhood fantasies become a reality! Sit in the hot seat and take the controls of your very own master of destruction. After a safety orientation and warm up your instructor will guide you through our course. Choose between 5 of our unique digging packages for the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure in Las Vegas.

Option 1 (Big Dig Bulldozer): Full sized mega dozer. Build mounds, push enormous tires, and teeter-totter over a colossal mound.

Option 2 (Big Dig Excavator): Full sized digger. Build mounds, dig enormous trenches, stack 2,000 pound tires, and play Bucket Basketball.

Option 3 (Skid Steer Track Loader): Easy to operate little diggers. Move tons of dirt, stack tires over a pole, and drive through an obstacle course.

Option 4 (6-Ton Mini Excavator): Enjoy the thrill of a fun sized digger. Dig deep, play excavator basketball, and back fill with a blade bucket.

Option 5 (Aggression Session): Crush a car with 30,000 pounds of force with our Caterpillar excavator.

You can combine any of your digging adventures with our Shooting, ATV, or Grand Canyon Helicopter Adventures for a full day of outdoor activities!

Available Times: 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, and 4:00pm

Duration: Approximately 2 hours


– The minimum age for the Big Dig Bulldozer, Big Dig Excavator, and Aggression Session is 14 years old.

– The minimum age for the 6-Ton Mini Excavator and Skid Steer Track Loader is 8 years old.

– All operators must pass a breathalyzer test.