Doors Off Helicopter + Dune Buggy +
Shooting Adventure

Ride throught the Scenic Lake Mead National Park to the Colorado, shoot full automatic wepaons, and top it off with a Doors Off helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon


  1. Pick up from your Las Vegas Strip Hotel (7:00am, daily)
  2. Walk the Hoover Dam Bridge for a 15 minute photo opportunity
  3. 3 hour scenic motorized Dune Buggy Tour through Lake Mead National Park
  4. Opportunity to swim in the Colorado River at the halfway point
  5. The shooting package of your choice
  6. 60 minute Doors Off Helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon
  7. Lunch: World Famous Burger, fries, and soda (Vegetarian Option Available)
  8. Drop off at your hotel or any Las Vegas Strip Location

Duration: Approximately 8 hours (hotel to hotel)


Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with breathtaking views of the Hoover Dam Bridge, Dune Buggy ride through Lake Mead National Park to the Colorado River, and fly over the Mojave Desert and Grand Canyon. This thrilling excursion lets you take in the picturesque views of natures true

Your voyage begins with pick up from your Las Vegas hotel in a luxury shuttle by one of our master tour guides. Your private tour guide will provide an abundance of information about the unique history of the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon. Your journey will continue through Lake Mead National Park to the Colorado River on our one of a kind Scenic Motorized Dune Buggy Tour.
Ride 22 miles round trip down the natural forming trails of the national park and marvel in the rock formations that surround the trails for a total of 3 hours of total riding time. At the halfway point you will arrive at the Colorado River for a photo opportunity and chance to swim in the river during the Summer months. After your Dune Buggy Tour get ready to fire full automatic at our outdoor machine gun adventure.

You are greeted by your tour guide and weapons specialist. Our range is superior to all other Las Vegas ranges with our unique ‘Desert Storm’ atmosphere and military style bunkers. Fire a wide variety of full automatic weapons and .50 caliber weapons including the Barrett Sniper Rifle, M2 BMG, and Desert Eagle.

After the ultimate adrenaline rush, arrive at our private helicopter pad located just outside the Grand Canyon West. You will board our unique Doors Off Helicopter made especially for sightseeing and take off for the journey of a lifetime. This is the only Doors Off Grand Canyon Helicopter adventure offered in Las Vegas. Fly and feel the wind in your face for 60 minutes while you observe the local wildlife from a birds eye view. On the way to the Grand Canyon fly 300 feet over the Largest Joshua Tree Forest in the World dated at over 200 years old. View an abandoned copper mine from the 1800’s, a natural desert spring, and the Grand Wash Cliffs. Upon arrival soar above the Grand
Canyon with panoramic 180 degree views of the magnificent scenery below. Marvel the towering cliffs and stunning multicolored walls laced with crimson, orange, purple, and black sculpted over 100 million years. You will then descend 1,500 feet below the rim of the canyon and feel the thrilling sensation in it’s enormity. Sit back, relax, and revel in the astonishing views of this Natural Wonder of the World. Circle back and bask in the majestic aerial views of the Colorado River and Quartermaster Canyons alluring scenery.

Gently touch down and relax at our onsite restaurant and bar as you enjoy our World Famous Burger, fries, and soda. After a thrilling day your tour guide will drive you back to your Las Vegas hotel with memories to last a lifetime.


  • For the total Adrenaline Junkie, the outside seats are for you with the fresh air blowing.
  • For the people who don’t want the fresh air blowing on them, the two back middle seats and center front seats of the helicopter are practically wind free.
  • Confirmation will be received at the time of booking.
  • Flight times are approximate and are subject to change based on weather conditions. If a flight is canceled due to inclement weather, you will have the option to reschedule your flight or receive a full refund.
  • A minimum number of passengers apply. A flight is subject to cancellation after confirmation if the minimum number of passengers required to fly do not meet the requirements. If the flight is canceled for this reason you will have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.
  • Individual passenger body weights MUST be provided at the time of booking.
  • Due to comfort and safety on the aircraft, individuals who weigh more than 275 pounds (lbs) are REQUIRED to purchase a comfort seat. This charge will be collected by the tour operator directly on the day of the tour.
  • Age restriction Doors Off: 2 years old. Children ages 2-17 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children must be 12 years old and 5 feet tall to shoot. All children under the age of 12 can participate in this adventure as a non-shooter. Children must be 16 years old to drive the Dune Buggy. All children under the age of 16 must ride as a passenger.
  • 1st class seats in the front row are available for an extra charge. All requests for 1st class seating must be made 48 hours prior to your adventure date. The maximum number of first class seats available is 2 per flight. The maximum weight for first class seating is 250 pounds (lbs) per person or 500 pounds (lbs) combined weight. The outside seats are also available for purchase at the time of checkout. Purchasing an outside seat guarantees your spot on the outside of the aircraft for 100% unobstructed views of the canyon. Nothing will be separating you from the gorgeous landscape of the Grand Canyon.
  • Wheelchairs are not allowed on the aircraft. Handicapped individuals are allowed to ride in the aircraft. Assistance is provided to individuals who need help boarding the aircraft.

Other Considerations: 

  • All passengers must bring a Valid ID (Passport or Drivers License).
  • This adventure combines a scenic tour with a thrilling helicopter ?ight.
  • We recommend dressing for the occasion. In the winter months dress in layers including gloves, hats, and scarves.
  • We recommend bringing sunglasses to keep the wind out of your eyes.
  • We also recommend people who have long hair to bring a hair tie.
  • Cameras and cell phones are not allowed on the flight due to safety regulations. If you
  • want to bring your cell phone or camera on the flight we have special regulation mounts
  • available for rent. Mount rentals must be purchased prior to your tour date.
  • Nikon D3100 professional camera is also available for rent.

Departure Point: Boulder City Airport (Boulder City, NV)

Pick Up Times: 

  • Pick up ranges between 5:00am and 7:00am depending on what hotel you are staying at.
  • Times will vary depending on availability.
  • Times for doors off adventure may be scheduled at times that are notlisted.
  • In order to schedule a time that is not listed, you will have purchase all 6 seats.

Skydive & Shoot Machine Guns Package

Experience the most the most thrilling and unique adventure. Skydive out of a helicopter and shoot a wide range of machine guns and handguns at our private military style outdoor gun range.

From USD

Skydive & Ride ATVs Package

Enjoy a scenic motorized ATV tour through Lake Mead National Park after you’ve experienced the adrenaline rush of Skydiving out of a helicopter.

From USD

Skydive, Shoot Machine Guns & Ride ATVs Package

Suit up and get ready for the most incredible experience of your life! Skydive, shoot machine guns and ride ATVs all in one day. This package is for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies.

From USD

Skydive, Shoot Machine Guns & Grand Canyon Helicopter Package

Skydive out of a helicopter, shoot machine guns and soar above the Grand Canyon in this scenic and thrill seeking experience.

From USD

Skydive, Ride ATVs & Grand Canyon Helicopter Package

Skydive out of a helicopter, shoot machine guns and soar above the Grand Canyon in this scenic and thrill seeking experience.

From USD

Ultimate Thrill Adventure Package

Were the other packages not exciting enough? Take the ultimate adventure and skydive, shoot machine guns, see the grand canyon, and ride ATVs in this one of a kind experience.

From USD

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