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Sampling the Thrill and Excitement of Vegas Desert Adventures

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Sampling the Thrill and Excitement of Vegas Desert Adventures 2

The ideal Vegas vacation does not have to be spent inside the casinos. Enjoy the thrill of a lifetime when you head into the desert and take advantage of the many adventures.

Firing a Machine Gun and Other Firearms

The desert is home to numerous outdoor shooting ranges in Las Vegas. At each of them, you can try your hand at firing a machine gun,  pistol, or other types of firearms. You will be taught basic firearm safety and provided with eye and ear protection and other safety equipment during your visit at the desert shooting range.

Tour the Desert from a Helicopter

The most gorgeous of landscape is best appreciated from a guided Vegas helicopter tour. When you want to see the desert from a bird’s eye view, you can board a helicopter that will take you thousands of feet in the air. From the helicopter, you will see the painted landscape and intricate desert designs. For the more adventurous tourists, skydiving in Las Vegas is available in some of these tours. You can also join helicopter tours that provide you the chance to fire a machine gun from the air.

ATV and Bike Tours

Maybe you are not the type of person to hop in a helicopter and soar above the earth. That does not mean that you cannot discover the beauty and mystery of the Vegas desert. You can take part in any of the guided ATV and motorcycle tours that traverse every day of the week when the weather is agreeable throughout the expansive Vegas desert landscape. These tours last for several hours, you get what you pay for while getting a close-up view of some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. You have your choice of riding an ATV or motorcycle. Safety gear like helmets will be provided to you as part of the cost of your tour. If you are not much of a rider, you can always join one of the guided bus tours that are available to tourists on a daily basis.

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