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Explore Some Unique Las Vegas Adventures 2

Many travel to Las Vegas for the chance to gamble in some of the most luxurious casinos in the world. Others prefer going to world-class shows. Partying at fancy clubs or beside rooftop pools is another pastime. Sin City and the surrounding area also have a number of unique attractions and shopping opportunities. However, it is not difficult to find off-the-beaten-path adventures for anyone looking for unusual things to do.

Visit a Ghost Town

Many people enjoy exploring ghost towns. South of Las Vegas lies the town of Goodsprings. Cattleman Joseph Good arrived there in the mid-1800s. He found silver in 1861 here and established a store. Within the next decade, more silver and lead were discovered and later gold. The new community soon had a hotel and a saloon. However, as the mines ran dry, the miners left. Today, visitors see remnants of the old town. The Pioneer Saloon dates back to the late 1800s. Tales are told of infamous poker games and deadly gunfights. The bullet holes of the era remain visible. The location is reportedly haunted and guests may participate in lockdown paranormal investigations. After learning about local Wild West history, you might consider venturing to a Las Vegas outdoor gun range and test your skills as a gunslinger.

See The Lion Habitat Ranch

Fans of the jungle cats can get up close and personal with the residents at The Lion Habitat Ranch. The facility lies just outside of Las Vegas on Bruner Avenue. An admission ticket allows guests to explore the facility and see the animals cared for by the habitat. Take a guided behind the scenes tour. Brave guests might also consider participating in hand feeding a lion. Groups can also make reservations to enjoy an exquisite meal as a pride of lions observes the activity behind protective glass enclosures.

Operate Heavy Equipment

The location is known as Dig This. At the destination, guests pay a sizable fee in order to operate bulldozers and excavators of various sizes. The experience begins with a safety talk and a warm up. Visitors then climb into the machine of choice and perform a few exercises while under the supervision of an instructor. Some of the activities include building or pushing large mounds of soil, pushing or stacking tires. Operating smaller machines provides the chance to play excavator basketball or maneuver the skid loader through an obstacle course.

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