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Find Your Inner-Soldier at a Las Vegas Outdoor Shooting Range

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Find Your Inner-Soldier at a Las Vegas Outdoor Shooting Range 2

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like for soldiers on the battlefield? Reading about it in a book, or even seeing it in a movie, only tells a small part of their story. One way that you can get a real simulation of what it’s like to be on the battlefield is to go to an outdoor shooting range. If you’re planning a trip to or looking for something fun to do while you’re in Las Vegas, an outdoor shooting adventure at a fully automatic gun range is a great way to get a feel for what a real military environment is like while getting a great tour of the Mojave Desert. Here’s what to look for in an outdoor gun range.

Military-Style Desert Landscape

Look for a shooting range that features military-style bunkers and a simulated Desert Storm-like atmosphere. Your adventure should be led by a certified military firearms instructor. You should have access to a wide variety of specialty weapons and fully automatic machine guns and rifles, including .50 cal weapons and belt-fed submachine guns. Make sure the shooting range offers plenty of shooting opportunity instead of being limited to the 3-round burst that’s common at many outdoor gun ranges.

Land and Air Shooting Adventures

You can tour on land with shooting opportunities from military style bunkers. It’s also a great option to add a helicopter shooting adventure where you can get an aerial view of the Mojave Desert and get a feel for what military persons experience when using helicopters in combat.

Getting Ready for Your Automatic Weapon Shooting Adventure

If you’re ready to visit a Las Vegas fully automatic gun range you’ll want to do a few things to prepare. First, make sure you wear the right clothing and shoes for walking and shooting from the ground, and bring a change along. If this is a family trip, ask the shooting range about their age guidelines and what type of safety instruction they provide for children. Finally, read up on automatic weapons and gun safety so you’ll be prepared with some basic information.

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