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Fun and Exciting Las Vegas Activities

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Fun and Exciting Las Vegas Activities 2

Whether you live in Las Vegas or just love traveling to the city, you can step outside your comfort zone and try some new activities. Why settle for a concert, a trip to a nightclub or yet another night in a casino when the city has so much more to offer? Vegas is the perfect place for a bachelor party or for just a simple trip away from home.

Drive a Motorcycle or Classic Car

Have you ever wished that you could hit the road in a classic muscle car? Las Vegas gives you the option to rent one of these cars and hit the streets. The newer Chargers that you can buy today have nothing on the powerful engines found inside classic models from the 70s, but you’ll also find a range of vehicles from the 60s that you can rent. You can also plan a motorcycle trip for yourself or your group.

Shoot a Machine Gun in Las Vegas

To shoot a machine gun in Las Vegas, head to a range. You can now shoot the same machine guns that soldiers shoot overseas. The gun range provides you with safety gear like goggles that keep shrapnel out of your eyes and ear plugs that keep your ears protected from the noises produced by the machine gun. You’ll also go through a short safety training session to ensure that you know what you can and cannot do on the range.

Take a Sky Tour

You can also take a sky tour via a helicopter. Just imagine seeing Las Vegas in an entirely new way as you fly across The Strip. You can book a tour that takes you out in the desert and wilderness that surrounds the city too for something completely unexpected. No matter what activities you decide to do on your trip, you can have the time of your life while in Las Vegas.

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