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Dec 13
3 Tips for Shooting High-Powered Rifles

If you’re going to an outdoor shooting range for the first time, you may not…

Dec 11
Explore Some Unique Las Vegas Adventures

Many travel to Las Vegas for the chance to gamble in some of the most luxurious…

Dec 07
3 Reasons Ongoing Firearm Training Is So Important

While many people learn basic firearm safety from a trusted friend or relative, taking…

Nov 26
Vegas: Get Some Bang for your Buck

Las Vegas: Where else can you stroll down a neon paradise with a four-foot daiquiri at…

Nov 20
What to Expect from Instructors at the Outdoor Shooting Range

When visiting Las Vegas, there is a lot more to the city than the strip with all of…

Nov 14
Best Times for Fully Automatic Adventures

Las Vegas is full of gun ranges, only a few offer an experience that give you weapons…

Nov 10
What You Should Know About Outdoor Gun Ranges in Vegas

Whether you plan to shoot a small gun or a machine gun, you can have lots of fun at…

Nov 06
Three Tips for Range Safety

Firing guns at the range can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. This is a…

Nov 02
Shooting at Outdoor Ranges Is More Exciting Than Indoor Ranges

Since shooting is such an exciting hobby in America, many are looking to change things…


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