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Why Shooting a Machine Gun Isn’t So Scary

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Why Shooting a Machine Gun Isn't So Scary 2

Shooting a machine gun in Las Vegas may be exciting for some and terrifying for others. Out in the remote desert and under the supervision of professionals, it is a very safe and educational experience.

Overcoming one’s fear is best through knowledge rather than forcing it upon them. A machine gun is a small-caliber firearm that is capable of rapidly firing at a certain rate. In terms of danger, it is not much more dangerous than shooting conventional guns from the consumer market.

How Many Bullets Can a Typical Machine Gun Fire?

Machine guns that are belt or clip fed may fire 500 to 1,000 rounds per minute. Unlike a semi-automatic weapon, a machine gun only requires the trigger to be held down for continuous firing speed. This is what essentially makes the weapon considered to be automatic rather than its quick rate of firing.

Of course, most instances of shooting an automatic weapon so fast will be done in short spurts. For recreational usage, like with the helicopter shooting tour, shooting an unlimited hailstorm of bullets would be ideal. For military usage, saving ammunition would be the best bet for survival instead of wasting rounds.

Can Anyone Shoot a Machine Gun?

Technically, anyone who can fire other firearms is able to shoot a machine gun. The kickback of an automatic rifle is a lot different and more intense so that needs to be considered. Mounted machine guns reduce the physical burden required when aiming and firing. Aiming with an automatic weapon is also a lot different since the rate of fire needs to be constantly re-steadied.

Is It Legal to Shoot an Automatic Weapon?

In the United States, it is legal to fire an automatic weapon if done under certain circumstances. The automatic gun tourism in Las Vegas thrives due to the local laws allowing trained experts to oversee the target practice. Nothing shady will be going on in this dessert as everything is done legally, safely, and professionally.

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