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Spice Up Girls’ Night With Outdoor Shooting

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Spice Up Girls' Night With Outdoor Shooting 2

Girls’ night is supposed to be fun. It’s a time where you and all your lady friends get together, away from the boys, and just be yourselves. There’s nothing wrong with the normal activities like movies, eating out or going dancing, but maybe it’s time to try something new. Why not visit an outdoor shooting range to get the blood pumping?

What to Expect

Indoor shooting ranges are fun, but outdoor shooting ranges in Las Vegas give you so much more. You get the travel via ATV or even helicopter from one target to the next, bumping along the desert environment and seeing the scenery.

There’s also a wide selection of guns to choose from. There are submachine guns, huge sniper rifles and fully automatic machine guns. Indoor ranges usually only allow three-round bursts with these guns, but you can really let loose at an outdoor range.


Safety is a top priority whenever guns are concerned, especially fully automatic rifles. There will always be an instructor present, so you’ll have a trained professional with you. Be sure to listen to everything he or she says and you’ll be safe.

Along with that, there are a few other safety tips. Always assume the gun is loaded, so don’t point it at anyone. Give it your full attention, and be sure to follow every rule you’re given to the letter. If you do all that, then there shouldn’t be any accidents.

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