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Three Tips to Improve your Outdoor Shooting Adventure

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Three Tips to Improve your Outdoor Shooting Adventure 2

Shooting ranges in the great outdoors have many benefits over indoor ones, but it’s best to know how to make the most of your adventure so that you have as much fun as possible. From really letting the machine gun go full burst to taking the right vehicle, here are some tips to improve your experience.

Fully Automatic

You can use machine guns at many indoor ranges, and many of them are capable of fully-automatic fire. The problem is that you’re only allowed to use three-round bursts. That’s fun, but not the best.

If you want to experience the full power of a machine gun in Las Vegas, then outdoor ranges are the way to go. You’re allowed to turn it up to fully-automatic and really see what these guns can do.

Drive or Fly

The standard outdoor shooting trip puts you on an ATV and drives you around the desert. That’s fun and many people love it, but there are other options. You can skydive to your targets, or you can even shoot from a helicopter depending on which package you choose.

It’s best to know all of the vehicles available so that you can customize the trip and tailor it to your preferences.

Exploding Targets

Hitting target dummies or objects at the end of the range is fun, but what if they exploded? Nothing gets the blood pumping faster than a big, hot explosion. Consider adding a few exploding targets to your run to see just how amazing this can be.

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