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Adventures Await You Outside of Las Vegas’ Casinos

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Adventures Await You Outside of Las Vegas' Casinos 2

Las Vegas is more than a city full of casinos and entertainment venues. When you venture outside of the city limits and into the scenic Las Vegas landscape, you encounter adventures that especially appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers. You can plan your ultimate Las Vegas outdoor getaway by learning what activities await you when you venture outside of the casinos.

Machine Gun Adventures

Whether youre a skilled firearms enthusiast or someone who is relatively inexperienced handling guns. Enjoy the thrill of a lifetime when you head out to a local Vegas shooting range. Here you will be shown how to handle and fire a machine gun. You also will have the chance to shoot other types of firearms in a safe and controlled setting. Trained firearms instructor at the desert shooting range will show you the basics of firearms safety and help you perfect your aim. Your provided with safety gear like eye and ear protection that you wear while you are at the firing range.

Helicopter Tours

One of the more unique Las Vegas desert adventures available to vacationers you will enjoy an aerial landscape tour. When you board a tour helicopter, you will soar thousands of feet above the ground. Getting a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking desert scenery and see intricate details in the desert and mountains not visible from the ground. You have the option of firing a rifle or machine gun from the air if you opt for a shooting helicopter tour. A champagne landing to toast the excitement and success of your helicopter adventure.

ATV and Motorcycle Tours

Hardcore thrill seekers will combine their love of fast driving with a tour of the natural Vegas scenery. If you’re a fan of off-roading or motorcycle riding, your offered a guided motorcycle or ATV tour. The tour guide will ride alongside you as you venture into the surrounding Las Vegas desert. Experience the traverse up and down the desert hills and into the mountain as you spend the day touring the surroundings at fast paces. Our vehicles along with our helmets and other related safety gear are provided to you as part of the costs with this type of outdoor Vegas vacation.

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